Was it really in God’s Plan?

13 Dec

This past Sunday, Ashley and I found out terrible news that a sister in Christ had passed away. We started talking about why these things happen, why do people die at young ages? One response, in particular that I have heard is, “It was in God’s Plan.” I would like to look further into what this statement implies.

The statement can either mean one of two things: First, God when “making” His Plan purposed for that person to die, for a particular reason, or Secondly, God in His eternal Plan knew that he/she would have died and that is what they mean by, “It was in God’s Plan”. Personally, I am uncomfortable to say that God, before time, has planned out people’s deaths and was the direct cause for that person’s death. I would agree that God does use situations like death to either bring people to Him, or to strengthen somebody’s faith.

Passages such as, Romans 8:28, where Paul writes that, “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” Is Paul implying that even things such as death, God caused for the good of those who love Him? And by saying that God “causes” all things to happen, is He saying that God literally has said this is how it is going to happen, and there is nothing we can do about it? Or once again, is Paul saying that even out of bad situations, that God knew would happen, good can come from it?

I am not writing this article to tell you my opinion but to generate thought and discussion about the matter. I would really appreciate a friendly environment, where people can express their ideas without the fear of being humiliated. So let’s hear your thoughts on the matter and I will either agree or disagree and using the Bible to support my answer. I hope that responses come with Biblical support and not just mere opinion.

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