False Labor

13 Jan

My wife thought she may have been in labor. We went to the doctors to be sure and it was false. The funny thing about false labor is that it can truly fool a person into believing they are in labor. The contractions, the pain, almost everything about them seemed real.

I am afraid that many people in the religious world today are in “false labor”. In talking with them, they have all the right feelings and emotions, but their feelings and emotions are based upon a false premise.

In John 4 we have the account of Jesus and the Samaritan women. In verse 20 the women tells Jesus that she and her ancestors had been worshiping in Samaria and the Jews in Jerusalem. Jesus responds by telling her first, that an hour is coming where worship won’t be in a specific place. Second, He tells her that they worship what they do not know, and the Jews worshiped correctly. I guarantee that it never crossed her mind until Jesus had mentioned that she had been worshiping falsely her entire life. In Matthew 7:15-23, Jesus talks about false prophets coming and that people will judge themselves according to the fruit they bear. In 21-23, He lets people know that not everyone who claims to be religious will enter the kingdom of heaven. People will come to Him with the right feelings and emotions but He will still say to them, “I never knew you; Depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness.”

There is more than raw emotion involved in living the christian walk. We need to ask ourselves a very important question: Do we have emotions first, then go to the word of God, or do we get our emotions and feelings from the word of God? There is talk in the religious world that one needs to have an “experience” before they can become a Christian or even begin to understand the word of God. Doing that would be faith before the word of God, and would be in complete opposition to Romans 10:17. As Christians, emotions are very important but they cannot trump scripture.

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