Out of the Wild: The Christian Experiement

04 Sep

There is a show on television or for those who do not have cable, Netflix, called “Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment.” The basis of the show is this: Nine people have volunteered to be dropped off in the middle of Alaska with supplies and a map and their job is to find civilization. They do not know how long it will take or when they will reach it. At any time if it becomes too difficult or a person wanted to go home, they were allowed to hit their GPS tracking device and a rescue helicopter would come and pick them up. Throughout the show they face many challenges, like hunger, rough terrain, rivers to cross, and fatigue.

It is a very interesting parallel to the Christian lifestyle. God has formed man with free will and the ability to choose. He has given us the proper resources and tools for us to succeed spiritually in life. The word of God being our road map, we do not know when the end will be, whether we die or Christ returns, we need to live our lives as if it could happen this very instant. One girl from the show, quit the day before they found civilization. They reached their last shelter and the map said they had a 14 mile hike to the next shelter. Well that was the end for her, she thought it would be too hard and really no longer had the will power to keep going. After she left, the team climbed over the mountain and they had found a train that lead them to civilization. She had given up before the end and could not claim to have completed the task. Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 9:27 that he disciplined his body so that he might not be disqualified in the race. If one does not discipline their body spiritually, like people do physically, then they can easily run out of strength and will power to continue. We as Christians need to think of our lives as being temporary and we are looking to get “out of the wild.” God has given us the proper road map and tools for us to finish the course. Many times in the show, the contestants relied on one another and their strengths to get them through the day. We as the family of God need to do the same. We are to encourage and uplift one another so that we all may receive the reward. One day I would like to say what Paul said, “I fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the Faith” (2 Timothy 4:7). Are we going to finish or give up before the end, it all is decided on how we discipline our bodies in the here and now. Let’s all grow closer in our walk with the Lord so we may receive the crown of righteousness (2 Timothy 4:8; James 1:12).

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