Getting Rid of Resentment

10 Sep

Imagine living at home with your family. You have a mom, a dad and many siblings. For some reason your father liked your younger brother the best. Every time there was work to be done, you were always asked to do it, and the youngest always stayed home with mom and dad. A first, you are not sure if it is because he is too young to work or because nothing was expected from him. Over time resentment builds in your heart, you begin to imagine being in your brother’s place; never having to work, always getting the nice clothing, and always being by your father’s side. After many years, the resentment turns into anger and the anger turns into hate. Now I ask, what would you do, if you had a chance to pay your brother back or even get rid of him?

If you have not guessed it already, this is the story of Joseph, but told from one of his brothers perspective. We sometimes cannot even imagine ever doing what they did to Joseph, but have we ever stopped to think about the other side of the coin and truly ask, how would you have felt? I know sometimes how I felt even when one of my brothers got to do something i could not do, it was not the best of feelings. I felt betrayed by my father and mother, even if it was something silly. Now take that feeling and multiply it by hundreds of times and over many years. After thinking about the story from Joseph’s brothers point of view, I can almost see why the thought of getting rid of Joseph may have crossed their mind.

Still their was no excuse. Sometimes in life, things are not fair. We will not always get our way, we will not always be treated the way we ought to, and someone else may always get the credit for something we have done. Still there is no excuse, to think evil in our hearts or carry resentment towards others who may have offended us.

What are we supposed to do when we are holding resentment towards somebody? What does the Bible say? In Mark 11:25, we are told to forgive each other so that we may be forgiven by God. When we truly forgive somebody it will be like a load or a weight being lifted of our chest.

Resentment that sits to long in one’s mind, can turn ugly. We can begin to hate the very person we resent and begin thinking things about them we shouldn’t. This is not only  bad for our minds and our hearts, but it interferes with God’s commands on how we are to treat one another. If you resent someone you will not be able to; encourage them, love them, forgive them, admonish them, correct them in love, or do wants best for them so they do not stumble.

Resentment can become so much a part of you, it might as well be a body part. Jesus tells us in Mark 9:42-48, that if there is something in your life that cause you to sin, cut it off. We need to get resentment out of our life, because look how it turned out for Joseph. We will end up doing something we regret. If there is resentment in your life today, pray to God and learn to let go. God will forgive and you will be able to move on to be able to live the life that God has in store for you. Learning to love and forgive like Jesus. Jesus made one of the most forgiving and loving statements a person can make,”Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Lets let resentment go, and allow love to fill our hearts!!

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