Praying like Jesus

11 Sep

Today, is a day of remembrance and sadness in our country. We remember those who died, and those who made a difference that day. I want to bring you back there for a moment. I remember our president of the United States going before America and praying to God. This was such an influential example made about prayer, pray when you are in need of God, but does prayer stop there?

I want us to consider for a moment though, Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:5-13, “The Model Prayer.” When do we pray? Do we only pray in public? Does our public prayer seem more impersonal and staged? Do we ever pray in secret and let nobody know about it? Do we feel the need to pray lengthy prayers in public? Do we have “vain” repetition in our prayers?

All these questions, I feel, are dealt with by Jesus in the passage above. I find myself praying for the audience’s sake, in pubic prayer, and seem to lose the aspect of prayer. One of my instructors at ETSPM (SEIBS), always prayed before a class and it was about 20 seconds long. At first, that seemed weird to me. He did not pray for sick, he did not pray for the country, and he did not pray for the usual “checklist” people say in public prayers. He prayed from his heart, with a purpose, and just wanted to acknowledge God, as having a part in our study.

Let us consider our prayer life as a communication tool to talk with God. When we call our earthly fathers on the phone, do we always mention the same things? Or do we have a purpose in our call. Jesus gave us this model prayer as an example of a prayer. This is not ” the” only prayer, or Jesus would be a liar, according to verse 7. Jesus, on numerous occasions prayed and it was for many different purposes. Jesus, knowing He was about to be crucified, went to His Father, seeking comfort, and that is exactly what He received, knowing He was doing the will of His Father.

Jesus did not stand on the corner to pray, he did not pray to impress, His prayers were never impersonal or staged, but He went to God from His heart, with a purpose, and talked with His Father, as if He listens. God does listen to our prayers. We as children of God have the ability to communicate with the Father. Let’s meditate and work on how and when we pray, so that we can be pleasing to God, like Jesus was. Be like one of His disciples in Luke 11:1, and be taught by Jesus on how to pray. Learn from His example and pray like Jesus!!!

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