Trick or Treat?

31 Oct

Today is the day where many kids will be in for a treat (candy) and some houses will be in for a trick (vandalism). When I think about the title for this holiday, I can’t help but think of how some people try to promote the Gospel. The trick comes in, when some, who have good intentions, try any means necessary to get people “in” the building. We have fooled ourselves as a society of religious believers into thinking, “as long as we get them in the door”, then we can teach them truth. I believe that Jesus would be disappointed with our approach. What do we want people to be converted too, a trick or the truth? When getting people in the door some religious groups have not told the whole truth in order to deceive, we think if we reveal too much that one may not want to commit. So we do as most cults do, we trick people into believing one thing (that may not necessarily be wrong) in order to get them to commit our “ways” and then once they are in, they are ours for good. Then we can fill them in on the sacrifice needed to become a Christian. I do not think that is how Jesus intended for His Gospel to be spread.

In Acts 20:27, Paul says, “For I did not shrink (hesitate) from declaring the whole purpose of God.” Paul wanted converts based on their belief in “whole” truth. If we do not think one will receive based on the entire truth, then we forget about what has the power leading to salvation and that is the word of God (Romans 1:16). Edwin Jones once preached a sermon called, “I think I’ll have some more of that, please”, I believe the intent of the lesson was to convince people that when people truly heard about Jesus, they will want to hear more and we will not have to force them to listen. The Gospel of Christ ought to be a treat for someone to hear, not a trick. When considering our ways of evangelism, let’s preach truth and nothing but truth. God does not need our help in getting people to believe, we should not have to make it more entertaining for more to come and listen to the gospel. People will come because they know the true gift that is being delivered and that is the “treat” of the Gospel message.

So let’s not trick but treat!!! Let’s consider our ways!!

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Posted by on October 31, 2012 in Christian duties, Doctrine, Missions


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