The Answer from Within and from Above!

18 Dec

Problems are an inevitable part of life. Problems of pain, sorrow, frustration, inability to do something, lack of understanding, you name it, there is a problem for it. Many times when problems arise people no longer think rationally or logically. Like a math problem, there is no one equation that fits all problems. There are many different formulas that help solve different types of math equations (problems), the trick is to knowing which one to use for the particular problem.

In life when problems arise, too many times we are looking for the solution but using the wrong equation. We always look for others to blame, thinking that will solve our problem,  we look to change our environment or group of friends, thinking that may help. In some ways, those thing may help but most times people need to look within. The answer to most of life’s problems come from the individual, he/she just has to be willing to search and be honest with themselves. Maybe it is them who needs to change and not necessarily what surrounds them.

Sometimes we seek love, when we have not loved;  we seek forgiveness, when maybe we are the ones who need to forgive;  we seek passion, when all we need to do is look inside of ourselves. Only I can change myself, only I can look within and find passion, love, forgiveness, that nobody else can give me.

When we begin to look in, is when we begin to look up, realizing that what we are searching for is really only what God can give. Hope, peace, joy, love, companionship and so much more. Many in life fool themselves by looking to others or things to make them happy when really they need God. Realizing we need God, can be a hard pill to swallow, we are taught that we are supposed to be strong, we are to be all-sufficient, we are to be able to make it through life on our own, but God did not create us for that purpose.

He created us for many purposes, Jesus talks about having an abundant life; the bible shows us that this world was created for us, not just for us to enjoy but also for us to look up to God, the creator of all.

I challenge you today, to stop looking to others to solve your problems or  to change your situation in life, look to yourself to change and look for God to help, because with God all things are possible.

Paul could rightly say, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Meaning in context, Paul could make it through any of life’s burdens or situations, knowing that Christ lives within him and brings him hope of eternal life. This is where we find joy, passion, and the peace that passes all understanding.

I hope this is useful to you today!


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