A Negative into a Positive

16 Jan


Picture from a Facebook Post.

If you did what the picture asked and stared at the dot for 15 seconds, you should have seen a clearer image of the girl, in this negative portrait of herself.

I want us to make application here. We all go through life and feel life’s scorn. Bad things happen to good people. Things happen that we think is unfair or undeserving. It think we can all say that life has a lot of “negatives.” This photo, whether meaning to or not, taught me something about negative moments in life and that is this; if you step back and look at every situation and concentrate hard enough on them, you will be able to find a positive.

I think of the life of Joseph. His brothers sold him into captivity and told his father he had been killed. He had every right to be angry and upset with his brothers. He had every right to be depressed and feel that nothing but bad things have happened to him. Joseph did not allow that to bring him down because of the perspective on life that he had. God’s providence works in such ways, that we are supposed to grow from every experience we go through. God is trying to teach us lessons and help us to mature in our walk with Him and Christ. Joseph had that perspective on life, he turned the negative of being sold into slavery and did not hold a grudge against his brothers because he knew God had meant it for good. In Genesis 50:17-21, when his brothers go to Joseph to beg forgiveness, Joseph replies with these words, “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive.” How could Joseph be mad, when the outcome of their sin was a part of God’s plan and many people were saved because if it? He choose to forgive his brothers and take care of them because he had a greater perspective on life and didn’t want this event to cause any more pain and suffering.

You see we could take all the negative things in our life and really become a depressed and “feel sorry for self” individual or we can take a step back and try to turn every negative, into a positive!

If we can master this, we will have the peace that passes all understanding and the joy that is meant to be ours in Christ.

“Every good and perfect gift comes from God” (James 1:17).

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