Qualifications For A Gospel Preacher

17 Apr

Biblical Proof

Qualifications For A Gospel Preacher

Most churches have developed their own qualifications for an ordained preacher. Some of these qualifications are obviously not from God’s Word, and should have no part to play in who preaches God’s Word whatsoever. In fact, if most of these man made qualification were present in the New Testament churches, no apostle would have qualified to preach the gospel of Christ. Let us examine a few of these frivolous qualifications, and compare them to what the bible has to say about who should preach the Gospel of our Salvation.


In some congregations brethren feel a preacher is not qualified unless be holds a certain degree from a certain college. We sometimes make the mistake of equating education with formal training. It is not necessary for one to attend Harvard or Yale to be classified as educated. One can educate himself  in God’s word if he so desires. Many…

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