Esau’s Doom- Book Review

12 Jun

Many times, foolishly, we assume that some messages have no application to us, we feel they are far from the scope of application. Obadiah could be considered one of those books. It is a book I have never personally taught from or preached out of, not because I have anything against the book itself, I actually had forgotten about it’s message and it seemed far from my ability to make application. When I heard that Michael was writing this book I was excited but also hesitant to read it because I wanted to focus my time on subjects that “mattered.”

I am very thankful that this book was written, it was “short and sweet and good to eat.” A book that was once far from my scope of application to preach out of, has become a message that doesn’t leave my mind. It has made me think deeply about my mindset and thoughts about others when they fail and goof up, am I there to kick them when they are down and laugh or am I willing to lift them up?

I would recommend this short read to anybody because of how simple you will find Obadiah after this read. Even if you have an understanding of the book of Obadiah it has some good talking points and application that I know you will find helpful.

You can find this link to view more information about this book: or buy it for 2.99 on amazon

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