15 Jul

We we so often forget the authority of a minister has by becoming overly concerned with him not “taking” over…we dismiss the true biblical teaching of the matter. Read the letter Paul wrote to Timothy and Titus and see their job and role, it is so different from what most people think or how most churches treat their minister/preacher.

Side by Side with Jesus

Think of the Book of I Timothy as a Guide Book for Young Preachers.  Paul had left Timothy in Ephesus to encourage the church and deal with problems they were facing.  He was there to “Set in order the things that were lacking.”  Obviously one of the big problems they were dealing with was problems in the leadership, in particular the elders of the church.  They needed some new men so Paul wrote them the qualities to look for in new Elders who would serve with the men who were already serving.  We aren’t sure what the specific problems were. The tenor of the letter seems to me to indicate some had lost the proper motivation and were attempting to pull people away from God instead of to him.  Paul had warned when he was in Ephesus that among the elders some would arise to draw disciples away after them…

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