The Term Youth Minister?

08 Oct

“In discussions with people, when this term is brought up, I have always felt uncomfortable with this term. Maybe it is just me, so I decided to investigate, in scriptures, to see if we had any “right” to use this terminology. While I prefer the term associate preacher/minister (which ever you use), I can find no scriptural evidence against such a phrase. In fact, it may be more “biblical” than I thought.

What does the term “Youth Minister” imply? Well, obviously, it is a person who a specific congregation has hired to “minister” to their “youth.” For those who don’t like the term, is there any difference in calling him our Minister to the youth?

Paul was called a minister to the Gentiles; could he not easily be called the Gentile Minister? Not to say that he did not preach or minister to other folks as well, but that he had a main responsibility divinely given to him by God. When a person was a Rabbi to the Jews what was he called? He was called a Jewish Rabbi. This is just a description of the person’s main obligation. This does not limit them to only the youth or young families, but that is what their “job description” is. Similarly, if a congregation hired an minister for outreach, why couldn’t we call him exactly what he was hired to do? Why couldn’t we call him an “Outreach Minister?” This does not mean that others cannot do outreach or minister to the youth, but rather that the congregation has found it necessary to hire someone full-time at that work. It shows they care for their youth and are willing to pay someone to specifically train and grow their youth; who after all are the future of the church.

Does an Eldership have the right to hire a preacher/minister that focuses on their youth? Of course they do! So why not call him what they hired him for?

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