A thought from the Psalms

This is a thought, a line, or a principle from the Psalms. Right now I only have up to Psalm 101 but I should finish sometime soon. It is not meant to be scholarly or anything like that. There is repetition and not every point was the main point in the psalm , just something interesting I learned or like while reading them.

Psalm 1- The blessed man does not walk in the counsel of the wicked

Psalm 2- God can either be our refuge or our destruction.

Psalm 3- God brings about salvation and protection to His people

Psalm 4- The Lord wants the heart of man and only then will He will bless man.

Psalm 5- We need to have the same confidence that David had when we go to God in prayer

Psalm 6- David knew that God receives and answers prayer

Psalm 7- The man who does not repent brings destruction upon himself.

Psalm 8- God thought highly of man in the creation and put everything in subjection to man.

Psalm 9- The Lord is a righteous judge and will judge according to mans deeds and faithfulness to God

Psalm 10- David wants God to destroy the wicked and rescue the afflicted

Psalm 11- God gives tests to both the wicked and the righteous to see who is upright.

Psalm 12- The words of the Lord are pure words.

Psalm 13- The Lord will deal with us patiently and in loving-kindness

Psalm 14- The fools has said in his heart, “There is no God”.

Psalm 15- Those who honor and fear the Lord will dwell with God

Psalm 16- Only in the hands of God can we be preserved forever.

Psalm 17- David knew that God was real and prayed as if God would incline His ear to him.

Psalm 18- God chooses the side of His people.

Psalm 19- The glory of God is revealed in nature itself and it transcends any language barrier.

Psalm 20- Men of God do not boasts in themselves, but in the name of the Lord

Psalm 21- God will set the crown of fine gold on his head.

Psalm 22- Jesus was the ultimate fulfillment of the psalm.

Psalm 23- The Lord is my Shepherd and guides His sheep.

Psalm 24- Everything that is in the world belongs to the Lord.

Psalm 25- the God is the ultimate teacher and will teach us His ways.

Psalm 26- the man of the Lord will walk with integrity.

Psalm 27- The lord is our rock and the refuge of the faithful.

Psalm 28- Our heart is strengthen by the Lords protection

Psalm 29- The Lords voice is able to do many wonders.

Psalm 30- God’s favor outweighs His anger

Psalm 31- God will rescue us from our enemies

Psalm 32- When we confess our sins God will forgive us.

Psalm 33- The Lord is worthy of fear from the whole world

Psalm 34- The person who seeks the Lord shall not be in want of any good thing.

Psalm 35- The Lord will fight alongside His people against their enemies

Psalm 36- Life is found in the Lord.

Psalm 37- Those who obey and wait for God, He will deliver them.

Psalm 38- A man of God pleading the Lord not to forsake him because of his sin

Psalm 39- A sinner who wants comfort in the Lord and able to smile again.

Psalm 40- How blessed is the man who has made the Lord his trust.

Psalm 41- God is going to set the man of God in His presence forever.

Psalm 42- God my soul is in despair within me, please help.

Psalm 43- Hope in God and our soul shall not be in despair.

Psalm 44- God knows the secrets of the heart.

Psalm 45- The majesty of God is unmatchable.

Psalm 46- God has the power to end any war, which is the power of God.

Psalm 47- Everything is under the Lord’s feet.

Psalm 48- The Lord’s name alone is enough to be praised.

Psalm 49- People who rely on their wealth will eventually have to face death and all of their possessions will be gone.

Psalm 50- Thanksgiving needs to be at the front of our worship.

Psalm 51- Only God can create in us a new heart

Psalm 52- The loving-kindness of God endures all day long.

Psalm 53- The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God”

Psalm 54- God is our Helper.

Psalm 55- God will punish those who refuse Him

Psalm 56- When we put our trust in God we should have no fears

Psalm 57- Our soul takes refuge in God.

Psalm 58- The righteous man will rejoice in God’s vengeance

Psalm 59- God is my stronghold.

Psalm 60- God will tread down our adversaries.

Psalm 61- I will sing praise to God forever

Psalm 62- All power belongs to the Lord.

Psalm 63- Our soul needs to cling to God

Psalm 64- The righteous man will be glad in the Lord

Psalm 65- God’s power is awesome

Psalm 66- All the earth needs to shout joyfully to God

Psalm 67- Let salvation be known to all men

Psalm 68- Blessed be the Lord who daily carries our burdens

Psalm 69- In mans pain and affliction we are set securely on high.

Psalm 70- God id our help and our deliverer

Psalm 71- The wicked consult against the righteous

Psalm 72- May God’s name endure forever.

Psalm 73- Asaph trusted in God to deal with the wicked and stand with His people.

Psalm 74- Sometimes to the people of God it looks like the righteous are forgotten and the wicked are blessed

Psalm 75- God is the only judge that counts

Psalm 76- God’s dwelling place is known to His people

Psalm 77- In every bad situation we can go to the Lord for strength

Psalm 78- We cannot forget the works that God has shown us.

Psalm 79- Sometimes we do not always understand why God allows things to happen but there is always a reason behind it.

Psalm 80- God will not always respond right away to our concessions.

Psalm 81- God deserves our shout and praise of songs

Psalm 82- God is the judge and possessor of all nations

Psalm 83- The enemies of God conspire and meditate on evil thoughts

Psalm 84- One day in the presence of God is better than a thousand outside of His presence

Psalm 85- Salvation is near to those who fear God

Psalm 86- The Lord is good and ready to forgive

Psalm 87- All springs of joy are in the Lord

Psalm 88- God’s children will not be free from affliction

Psalm 89- The heavens praise the wonders of God

Psalm 90- Let the favor of our God be upon us

Psalm 91- God will give charge to His angels concerning you

Psalm 92- It is good to give thanks to God at all times

Psalm 93- The Lord is everlasting

Psalm 94- God is not only a God of love but also of vengeance

Psalm 95- Let us bow down and worship God

Psalm 96- Proclaim good tidings of the Lord from day to day.

Psalm 97- Those who love the Lord are to hate evil

Psalm 98- All the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of God

Psalm 99- The Lord our God is Holy and is worthy of praise

Psalm 100- Serve the Lord with gladness.

Psalm 101- David was going to cut off from the city of the Lord, all those who do iniquity.

Psalm 102- The Lord abides forever along with those who are His children and is the answer to our distress!

Psalm 103- The Lord is slow to anger and abounds in lovingkindness. He is compassionate and Gracious

Psalm 104-


One response to “A thought from the Psalms

  1. Clint Patterson

    December 14, 2011 at 2:00 AM

    Good thoughts from a good Book; thanks for sharing.


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